Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Girls!!! 5/29/2011

Morgan and Madison Turn 8 Today.. This brings up so many emotions for me.. I am very Proud of them and they are two very Great Ladies. They have taught me Patience, strength, and that I have to take everything one day at a time. I think Justin would agree with me fully. They are best friends, they do everything together by choice still :) Morgan is my news reporter and will keep me updated on the happenings of the other 2 girls often, and Madison is the one that is going to say something so funny me and Justin will be in tears. They are both Very fun girls, and as hard as it was for me thru the first 3 years I would do it all over again. Mom and Dad Love you and We hope you have the Best Birthday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Race For The Cure

My very first 5K and my family was my cheering crew.

The race was awesome and to see so many people there to support the cause was really amazing. I jogged most of it, but did have to walk it out in a couple spots to catch my breath. But in the end I was very proud of myself. I finished at 37 minutes. My goal was under for 40, so i beat my personal goal. Yay!! I hope to improve as I go and be able to do in in under 30 next year. I had Laurie and Amy with me cheering me on the whole way and telling me I could do it. I was really greatful for them they totally could have dusted me and finished 10 minutes earlier but they didn't and they stuck it out and was there with me when i crossed my first finish line..

It was kindof a bummer to jog my little heart out only to get to the end and have to walk the finish line because of gridlock but I was still proud of me and was happy to have friends and family there to congratulate me. It was a great feeling to finish..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Parker's 10th Birthday!!!

I can't believe she is turning 10!!!!

She wanted a Justin Beiber birthday party. So we pulled it together and she had a pretty cute little Birthday..

She will officially turn 10 on May 8th, but her party day was today.. Glad she loved it and also glad it is over 8 girls singing Never say Never, WOW!

I would do it for her a hundred times over if it makes her happy though..

Love you Parker, you make Mom and Dad so Proud!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunting with the Family..

Fail Family Easter party.. It was really Great to see everybody. It seems like we get so busy we don't get to see everyone often enough, but when we do it is Great! The Kids did the egg hunt and they decorated sugar cookies. Parker took time and made the cute little Bunny.. They played o the playground and just hung out with Dad.. Mom is a little more Chatty .. HAHA!

Welcome Home Daddy!!!

Justin was sent to Alabama for work and the girls wanted to welcome him home. They made a little Banner and cards and even put out Punch and refreshments all on their own. It kindof frighten's me that they made red punch on their own but it is still very sweet . They Do Love Daddy!

Parker seems to think she is into Hosting and catering Parties she even put the punch in a bowl and places the chips and salsa in bowls.. What am i going to do with her?!?